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The "International Studies" section of the Austrian Political Science Association seeks to facilitate exchange and collaboration among scholars working in diverse (sub-)disciplines such as International Relations Theory, Security Studies, International Political Economy, Foreign Policy Analysis, and Areas Studies. The members of the section are committed to theoretical and methodological pluralism as well as international standards of scholarship. In addition, the section and its members seek to enhance the political and societal relevance of academic research on international relations.

2nd Annual Meeting of the "International Studies" Section of the Austrian Political Science Association

Salzburg, 15-16 December 2017

The programm of the meeting is now online.

Call for Contributions: Resilience and Change of International Institutions

2nd Annual Meeting of the "International Studies" Section of the Austrian Political Science Association

Salzburg, 15-16 December 2017

Ever more formal and informal institutions guide the doings of state and non-state actors in world politics. These institutions are not carved into stone. Amidst internal and external pressures, actors need to adapt existing institutions in order to make them resilient. Under what conditions do they succeed in doing so? Under what conditions do they fail? The International Studies Section of the Austrian Political Science Association invites contributions on (or related to) this topic from various different perspectives. This ranges from work that focuses on formal institutions and scrutinizes their rational design to studies that investigate into informal institutions and practices that make these evolve in certain directions rather than others.

Please send paper suggestions (incl. an abstract of 150 words) to politikwissenschaft(at) The section also encourages PhD-students to submit contributions for the meeting!

The deadline for submissions is 30 October 2017.

Please register for the meeting by sending an email to politikwissenschaft(at)
The deadline for registrations is 8 December 2017.

On 16 December, the Section will offer an Introductory Workshop on Network Analysis:

Network analysis is a powerful tool in assessing relations of states, groups, and individuals. The workshop introduces concepts of network analysis and discusses both – theory and method. The primary goal is to learn about basic tools of descriptive and inferential network analysis. We use the software R to demonstrate theoretical applications. This course in an introduction to the network topic and requires no previous knowledge on the subject. However, very basic R-knowledge would be useful.

Please register for the network workshop by sending an email to politikwissenschaft(at)
The deadline for registrations is 1 December 2017.

Dr. Franz Eder
Associate Professor at University of Innsbruck

Mag. Lisa Lechner
PhD Fellow at University of Salzburg


Please find all the details of the Annual Meeting and Workshop here.

NEU: Mailingliste der Sektion International Studies

Die Sektion International Studies hat für alle an internationale Politik Interssierten eine Mailing Liste ins Leben gerufen. Über diese Mailing Liste können Forscher*innen im Bereich der International Studies Informationen (Calls for Papers, Konferenzen,
Publikationen, Jobs, etc.) an Ihre Kolleg*innen in Österreich versenden.
Diese Informationen werden gesammelt und 1-2 mal pro Monat über den
Verteiler ausgeschickt.

Anmeldung zur Liste sind unter folgendem Link zur Liste möglich:


Section Speakers

Dr. Martin Senn 
Associate Professor in International Relations Department of Political Science University of Innsbruck 
Universitätsstrasse 15 6020 Innsbruck
email: martin.senn(at)
phone: +43 (0)512 507 70124  
Markus Kornprobst, PhD 
Professor in Political Science and International Relations Vienna School of International Relations 
Favoritenstrasse 15a  1040 Vienna, Austria
email: markus.kornprobst(at)
phone: +43 (0)1 505 7272 157

Jahresbericht 2016 der Sektion International Studies

Den Jahresbericht 2016 finden Sie hier.

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