Hier finden Sie eine Vorschau politikwissenschaftlich relevanter Veranstaltungen 2017:

Linz - 10.-13. Jänner 2017

A Great Transformation? Global Perspectives on Contemporary Capitalisms
International Conference

Johannes Kepler University - Linz/Austria

Ever since the global economic area opened up in the 1990s – and most recently, in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis – Karl Polanyi’s economic and cultural history of capitalism, published as The Great Transformation in 1944, has been attracting renewed attention. Given his deft analysis of the liberal creed or how he refers to labor, land, and money as fictitious commodities, Polanyi’s critique of capitalism has never disappeared from the discussion. However, the unleashing of the market – and more specifically, of financial markets – has resulted in his ideas being widely received among sociologists, political scientists, and economists from all over the world. Polanyi’s analyses of the relationship between economy and society, and between economy/market and politics/state – along with his perspectives on civil society movements – all seem to be custom-made for capturing the crises, changes, and transformations of contemporary capitalisms.

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Deadline for Abstracts: 30 April 2016

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