Joint Workshop AuPSA / CEPSA

Hosted at the University of Trnava the AuPSA in cooperation with the CEPSA will host a workshop on "Research questions and methods in local political science research". Save the date: April 14, 2023!

Already in the 1980s the processes of economic globalization and European integration have gained new momentum and brought along a constantly decreasing significance of national politics. Simultaneously – or considered a reaction to it – subnational entities, particularly on the local level, strengthened their historically established identities and started pushing for opportunities of participation in the political process.

As a result, social sciences internationally have increased their output on questions of local/regional politics. In the discipline of political science however, the extent of research in this field is limited. Obviously, a backlog exists regarding empirical-analytic research in the field of subnational politics.


The workshop is organized as follows:

Part I:

morning session – presentations and discussions of accepted paper- and research projects

Part II:

afternoon session – world café debate aimed at intensively discussing contents and methods of studies of politics on the local/regional level.

We are encouraging submissions of paper or research projects that are focusing on politics at the local level. Please find full information in the Call for Contributions.


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