The AuPSA established a new funding scheme to support its Special Interest Groups (SIGs). Following the application and with the involvement of the respective SIG Chair, grants are awarded to the AuPSA members of the SIGs.

Funding objectives

Financial support can be received by those members of the AuPSA who are involved in one of the SIGs and want to organize an event or take an initiative in line with the principles of the AuPSA. The AuPSA will consider initiatives that are organized by the SIG such as inviting international guest speakers for public lectures, general support for public and scientific events (e.g., room rental, catering and materials), and workshops for and or organised by early career researchers. The AuPSA is also open to other innovative suggestions in line with its principles.

Successful applications are linked to the following criteria:

  • ÖGPW membership and support of a SIG
  • fulfilment of funding goals, identification of AuPSA support on all relevant event publications, public appearances, etc.

Funding amount: max. €500 per SIG and calendar year. Contributions from third parties must be notified to the ÖGPW. The Executive Board decides on the allocation of funds, provided that sufficient financial resources are available. The expenses are settled by submitted the original receipts.

Documents required for the application:

  • Abstract of the planned event or initiative
  • detailed breakdown of the total costs and all other funding applications or commitments
  • submission of an informal letter from the SIG Chair